George Paajanen, Ph.D, Chief Knowledge Officer

About Dr. George Paajanen

  • Received his PhD from the University of Minnesota in 1988
  • At Personal Decisions International (PDI) created the Employment Inventory (EI), making the company a national leader
  • Pioneered the new direction for integrity testing based on the psychological and multi-dimensional nature of job performance
  • Deep expertise in creating valid assessments for hiring hourly employees who work harder, accomplish more, and have more productive work
  • Validated tests with real job performance in over 300 companies, including more than 150 retailers
  • Presented expert testimony to a US Congress investigation of employment
  • Contributed to employment research-US Department of Defense and US Department of Labor
  • Joined Unicru in 1999, authored a series of Unicru personality and skill assessments
  • Tests developed by Dr. Paajanen have been used by over 140 million applicants, for 20 years, without legal challenge

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