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Veris Benchmarks understands that trust sustains all lasting business relationships. We believe that companies have a responsibility to their customers and shareholders to better understand their employees’ ethical and moral composition. The staggering costs of making poor judgments around whom to trust fill the newscasts and social networks day after day. We all face situations where we are called upon to place our trust in those professionals who can choose to work for our mutual best interests or exclusively for their own. The

reputational risks associated with not addressing these issues today are severe. The most cost-effective way to prevent the problem is to prevent hiring those who are at risk for committing white collar crime.

Research since the 1950s confirms the low accuracy of decisions based on appearance or unstructured interviews. That is what leads to spectacular failures of judgment around whom to trust. That is why we created the Veris Trust Profiler.

Our Value Proposition: a Pre-Employment Screening Tool Like No Other

After four years of analysis and hundreds of hours of research, Veris Benchmarks™’ experienced scientists have crafted the first evidence based Professional Trust Assessment which provides for the ability to measure and benchmark an individual’s level of trustworthiness. We have identified through our research -Six personality traits that differentiate business professionals who are more likely to engage in irresponsible behavior from those who do not. We then measure those assessment scores (Veris Trust Index™) against the scores obtained from both white collar criminals (using our White Collar Criminal benchmark™) and white collar professionals to evaluate and better determine chances that an individual will exhibit improper and irresponsible behavior. High scorers on the Index show more solid integrity and rule compliance at work, while low scorers have increased probability of irregular or improper actions, even violations of regulations and laws.

Interviewing the person should be part of the process,
but first, let’s predict their suitability.

Our scientists gained privileged access to penal institutions, where they administered assessments directly to convicts serving time for white collar crimes. Out of this research, our experts developed a revolutionary six dimensional model of trustworthiness identifying the personality characteristics that can lead to errant behavior.

Veris Benchmarks has created a candidate-profiling tool with the Veris Trust Profiler and The Clear Thinking Profiler developed to help businesses make better hires based on evidence-based prediction power. Designed by world-leading behavioral scientist and psychometrist, J. Tom Janz, Ph.D. and George Paajanen, Ph.D., large corporations use these assessments every day — and now this science is available for commercial use.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

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We offer three products:

  • Veris Prime
  • Veris Trust Profiler
  • Clear Thinking Profiler


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