Veris Prime

The Veris Prime™ assessment is a short  measure of personal trustworthiness. This assessment is simple to take, consisting of 40 multiple choice questions, requires only about ten minutes to complete, and can be accomplished on most internet browsers.  A score report is provided immediately.  The Veris report illustrates that score against its benchmarks. Veris Prime™ provides a normative standing—that is, how a test-taker compares to the general sample as well as to the select sample of white collar criminals whom Veris has assessed.  Prime scores tend to stay stable, but hypothetically they could improve over time as influenced for example by ethics sensitivity training, by work in a highly ethical environment or by moral self-reflection and improvement.  Veris urges employers to use its results cautiously, as only one piece in the assessment puzzle, not as a ubiquitous measurement or all-inclusive prediction of a candidate’s worth.

The Veris Prime™ score is determined
by measuring a number of traits of the person, including:

  • Accountability (irresponsible versus reasonable)
  • Sincerity (manipulative versus genuine)
  • Conscientiousness (non-compliant versus ethical)
  • Ambition (greedy versus generous)
  • Empathy (callous versus empathic)
  • Commitment (entitled versus diligent)
  • Consideration (defensive versus tolerant)
  • Caution (impulsive versus self-controlled)

The Veris Prime assessment produces an aggregate score, as demarcated within three zones: low medium and high.  A higher aggregate score suggests (but does not prove) a higher level of personal trustworthiness.. Veris Prime provides an initial snapshot for “moral fiber”.  Veris Trust Profiler provides for a more comprehensive and detailed analysis of the personality traits indicated by Veris Prime. The results for both tests are held with absolute confidentiality and are never shared. However, no survey, no matter with what scientific rigor it is designed and tested, can predict human behavior with certainty, only probabilistically. Thus, Veris takes pains to prevent the misuse of its test by providing a contextual summary of the aggregate summary and advises care in all uses of statistics to explain or predict human behavior. TAKE THE TEST!

Veris Products

We offer three products:

  • Veris Prime
  • Veris Trust Profiler
  • Clear Thinking Profiler


Take Veris Prime, our free test, and instantly see your results compared to our white collar criminals.

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