Pre-employment Screening

“Measure twice, cut once….An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” 


Pre-employment screening is the ounce of prevention that costs a lot less than post-employment audits, investigations, or automated monitoring systems—never mind the staggering costs of avoidable cash losses and damage to the firm’s reputation.


Whether hiring employees for corporations or contracting for personal services, better to screen out those less likely to resist temptation, or worse, plan to exploit opportunities that favor self-interest at the expense of those who trust them.

But how to be sure to screen out those who easily rationalize bad behavior, consider exploiting others an interesting challenge, feel entitled to material wealth, callously dismiss the needs of those they manipulate, and who seek the thrill of risky behavior? Direct self-evaluation makes little sense. Interviewers who try to match wits with clever white-collar felons discover how well they cover their intentions. Background checks work for those who have been caught and documented, but criminologists tell us that only 18-24% of these criminals show up in criminal records. The Veris Professional Trust Index consists of over 100 items that ‘caught the criminals’—meaning that they were answered most differently by incarcerated white collar felons compared to financial professionals. In addition to the Trust Index, the Veris Professional assessment report provides scores and analysis on eight Trust Components—Accountability, Sincerity, Conscientiousness, Ambition, Empathy, Commitment, Consideration, and Caution.

With this powerful assessment tool, employers gain the objective insight needed to screen OUT  candidates who fall into the felon risk zone, and screen IN  those who demonstrate high levels on the eight key components of fiduciary trust and financial integrity

Given a clear, public commitment to raise the bar on moral fiber and eliminate the monumental instances of moral failure and criminal behavior that have undermined the credibility of the financial and other industries, the Veris Professional assessment offers an efficient and profitable alternative to repeating the mistakes of the past.

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