Index Scores

Test-takers’ scores are compared to TWO groups:

The general US population of workers employed in various fields of business, and the Veris’ proprietary research group of White-Collar Felons in prison (White Collar Felon Benchmark) . The Business employee group includes accountants, auditors, investment advisors, bankers, real estate agents, and others, most having financial responsibility. The Felon group consists of 812 felons convicted of white-collar crimes (fraud, embezzlement, counterfeiting, deceptive business practices, etc.) who are currently in state prisons –all of whom have taken this assessment. As more Veris scores are accumulated, and data collected, comparisons to more occupational groups will be available.

Test Count

Where does your score fall on this bell curve?

Index Score Interpretation

The Veris Trust Index is a new survey of the thoughts, opinions, and behaviors that are part of working in business. Overall, it measures the personal factors that differentiate business professionals who are more likely to engage in irresponsible behavior from those who do not. High scorers on the Veris Index show more solid integrity and rule compliance at work, while low scorers have increased probability of irregular or improper actions, even violations of regulations and laws.

Index Scores and Norms

Scores on the Veris Trust Index cover a wide range, with the most trustworthy and conscientious people at the high end, and felons who have been convicted of financial crime (fraud, embezzlement, counterfeiting,deceptive business practices, etc.)at the low end.

Index scores are compared to two groups-the felons currently in prison and successful employees working in numerous sectors of US business. There are now 812 white-collar criminals in the Felon group; their Index scores average at the 24th percentile. The Successful Business group is growing rapidly, averaging 50th percentile scores. This difference in test performance is highly significant; rejecting low-scoring candidates eliminates most people who cause problems.

The research and development of the Veris Index began with studies in financial occupations including accountants, auditors, investment advisors, bankers, real estate agents, and others. As more Indexes are taken, and the data base grows, new norms for more job families will be created. Employers will be able to compare job candidates’ performance on the Index to more finite groups, even to their company-specific standards.

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