The world needs a faster, more accurate, and more objective way to KNOW whom to trust.

The staggering costs of making poor judgments around who to trust fill the newscasts and social networks day after day. The big stories unfold on a grand scale involving fraudulent fund managers, self-serving financial advisors, rogue traders, or dishonest politicians. Failures of trust also happen on a personal scale involving accountants, attorneys, physicians, insurance agents, and repair technicians. We all face situations where we are called upon to place our trust in those technicians and/or professionals who can choose to work for our mutual best interests or for themselves.

The best decisions around whom to trust flow from the evidence of experience—from having seen the person you need to trust do the right thing consistently over time. Unfortunately, whether for business or personal decisions, we face situations where building trust over time isn’t an option. Strong references from trusted associates who have had the time to observe the person you need to trust are the next best thing. But again, not always or even often available.

Background checks have grown into a multi-billion dollar industry, but they can only detect those who have been caught and documented in the process of committing crimes. Criminologists tell us that 70-80% of professionals who commit crimes don’t end up in criminal record databases or county courthouse records. Integrity tests have been around for many years, arising in prominence following the ban of polygraph tests for use in the private sector. Unfortunately, integrity tests dwell on detecting theft and other counterproductive behaviors that take place with hourly workers in retail, hospitality, restaurant or medical facility settings.

So if the professional you need to trust is not someone you have observed over time and you don’t have a trusted associate that can vouch for that person’s trustworthiness, how do people render decisions around whom to trust Unfortunately, in these circumstances, most people decide to trust professionals, whether for employment, contracting, or the provision of professional services, on the basis of unreliable or inaccurate factors such as appearance or the answers provided in an unstructured interview. Research since the 1950s reported in dozens of studies confirms the low accuracy of employment decisions based on unstructured interviews. And that is what leads to spectacular failures of judgment around which professionals to trust. That is why we created the Veris Benchmarks Professional Trust Index.

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