Corporate Benchmarking

For the first time ever, companies and corporations now have the ability to benchmark and profile themselves with a new metric to better manage its risk and reputation.

Veris provides our Company Report Product where companies can now measure their general atmosphere of trustworthiness and assess the potential for financial non-compliance and irregularity.  Not only can a company compare their divisions, regions, branches to one another, but also to our proprietary White Collar Criminal Benchmark. Armed with this powerful information, with the Veris Company Report, financial institutions can assess their competitive position, identify problem areas, and most importantly, promote a brand of high trustworthiness.

With this powerful tool, we aim to  become the standard for comparison of the financial industry, offering consumers the confidence and security of knowing that their employees,  advisors and fiduciaries comply with regulations and keep in mind the best interests of their clients.

With this valuable tool now available, what company would not want to know this information?

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Veris Products

We offer three products:

  • Veris Prime
  • Veris Trust Profiler
  • Clear Thinking Profiler


Take Veris Prime, our free test, and instantly see your results compared to our white collar criminals.

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Take Veris Trust Profiler – our comprehensive screening product*.

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Take the Clear Thinking Profiler to learn HOW you think.

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