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The Veris Benchmarks™’ Professional Trust Index is our comprehensive validated assessment.  It provides an aggregate score, based on the proprietary Veris eight-dimensional profile of trustworthiness. Everyone in a position of responsibility encounters opportunities to exploit that position of trust, but which individuals can be predicted to be more likely to succumb?  Higher Veris Professional aggregate scores suggest a degree of resistance by the candidate to such temptations, a kind of ethical inoculation that may stem from many sources, including parental upbringing, education or explicit ethics training and personal moral development. Its purpose is to assess the stable human traits and thought processes that underlie honest and ethical job performance, across multiple settings and conditions, and to provide normatively scaled information about applicants that is otherwise difficult to obtain.  Veris Professional™ tests for characteristic traits such as:

  • Impulsiveness

  • Egocentricity

  • Sense of entitlement

  • Materialism

  • Callousness

  • Deceptiveness

  • Irresponsibility

  • Propensity to deviate from ethical norms

The Trust Index measures the personal factors that, across large numbers of candidates, tend to differentiate business professionals who are more likely to engage in unethical behavior. High scorers tend to exhibit integrity and rule compliance, while low scorers have increased probability of irregular or improper actions, including violations of regulations and laws.  A bias toward hiring higher scorers may help to forestall serious breaches of trust, while favoring those with high level of personal integrity and responsibility.  A low Index score does not mean that a candidate has committed or will commit a crime; it means that the test-taker answered the Index questions in a way more similar to people who have not proved trustworthy (if we can deem their  prior criminal convictions to be, on the whole, valid). The score does not provide a basis for moral judgement, either favorable unfavorable, based as it is on probabilistic rather than deterministic factors.  Hiring decisions should take Veris scores into account, but each decision should be made from the ensemble of available information about each applicant.

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