How it Works

How It Works

The Veris Professional is a comprehensive pre-employment test that identifies candidates who work hard, abide by regulations, and in general show more productive, high-integrity behavior. Applicants take about fifteen minutes to answer the 149 multiple choice questions, and score results produced “Trust Scores” are displayed on the Veris Trust Index (VTI). These scores are available to the hiring authority immediately. Completing the Veris Professional is an easy and non-threatening experience. Several settings that vary in their level of cost and data security are available for this data collection. Along with other applicant information, employers use the Veris Professional results to help guide hiring decisions. Simply, the higher the VTI score, the more confident can be the judgment of applicants’ trustworthiness. As a workforce is populated with VTI-passers, employers can offer their consumers the confidence and security of knowing that their people comply with regulations and keep in mind the best interests of their clients.

“Americans’ overall trust has fallen to levels recorded during the earliest months of the financial meltdown (20 percent in December 2008 and 19 percent in March 2009).”

– Chicago Booth/Kellogg School Financial Trust Index

The Science

The Veris Trust Index is a validated measure of the personal traits that underlie high integrity behavior in positions of trust. It has been developed by experienced industrial psychologists using standard professional research methods. The Index items ask about people’s thoughts, feelings, behaviors, attitudes, opinions, rationalizations, objectives, and sources of gratification in their everyday lives. The items are easy to understand and answer, and do not raise defensiveness or objections. Answers to the VTI questions reveal the propensity to skirt the law, stretch the truth, bend the rules, make exceptions, break promises, tell fibs, manipulate others, fall out of compliance, and outright steal.†Employees who commit fraud†fall prey to these thought patterns and justifications to guide their actions, and receive significantly lower scores on the Index.

Veris Trait Model

The Veris Trust Index measures personal traits that predict successful work behaviors. These are the characteristics that differentiate business professionals who engage in irresponsible or illegal acts from those who perform successfully:

Accountability—Irrational & Irresponsible vs Accountable & Reasonable

Sincerity—Exploitive & Manipulative vs Genuine & Principled

Conscientiousness—Untrustworthy & Non-compliant vs Conscientious & Ethical

Ambition—Materialistic & Greedy vs Moderate & Generous

Empathy—Callous & Dismissive vs Empathic & Supportive

Commitment—Entitled & Lazy vs Hard-working & Diligent

Consideration—Defensive & Cynical vs Tolerant & Tactful

Caution—Risky & Impulsive vs Prudent & Self-controlled

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